Elux Legend - Rainbow (Nic Salt)


Elux Europe LTD

Nic Salt E-liquid

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ELUX Legend Rainbow Nic salt e-liquid invites Vapers to indulge in a sweet and fruity flavour reminiscent of chewy fruit candy. This delectable blend artfully combines a variety of fruit flavours to create a harmonious symphony of sweetness and zest, delivering a taste experience that mirrors the enjoyment of chewy fruit candies. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ELUX Legend Nic salts feature double the concentration, ensuring an authentic replication of the same delightful taste found in their disposable vapes range. Whether you prefer a milder or more robust nicotine hit, ELUX Legend Rainbow nic salt is available in 10mg or 20mg strengths, providing the flexibility to tailor your vaping experience to your desired satisfaction level. Immerse yourself in the vibrant and fruity delight of ELUX Legend Rainbow, where each inhale captures the essence of a chewy rainbow of flavours, creating a satisfying and nostalgic vaping experience.

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