About Us

Vaporium Cafe was born from the gaps in the knowledge our founder experienced during the early stages of his vaping journey. Frustrated from misinformation and terrible guidance he was receiving from the retail stores he would visit he thought only one thing, "I can do this better" 

Vaporium cafe is all about the interaction between staff and customer. From the moment you walk in through the door or call on the phone, you will be greatest with people passionate about vaping. Whether you use vape products as a smoking cessation product or you're a hobbyist you are welcomed to come to have a coffee with us. 

Our founders were both two-pack-a-day smokers. They have studied and focused on how to best go about dissociating yourself from cigarette and ensuring your first instinct be to pick up your vape instead of reverting to a previous habit.
Vaping is all about choice. When a smoker makes the decision to switch to vaping they are choosing a product that is a whole lot safer for consumption.