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Nic Salt E-liquid

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ELUX Legends Cola nic salt e-liquid invites vape enthusiasts to experience the nostalgic charm of a sweet and refreshing soda flavour. Perfect for those who savour the classic taste of vanilla and caramel-infused cola. The meticulous crafting of ELUX Legends nic salts, with double the concentration, ensures an authentic replication of the same delightful taste found in their disposable vapes range. Whether you opt for a mild or more robust nicotine hit, ELUX Legends Cola nic salt is available in 10mg or 20mg strengths, providing the versatility to tailor your vaping experience to your preferred satisfaction level. Immerse yourself in the effervescent embrace of vanilla and caramel cola with every puff of ELUX Legends Cola nic salt, where sweetness meets refreshment in perfect harmony.

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