Elux Legend - Cherry Ice (Nic Salt)


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Nic Salt E-liquid

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ELUX Legends Cherry Ice Nic salt e-liquid invites enthusiasts into a world of indulgence with its rich and fruity vape infused with a refreshing touch of chilling menthol. Perfect for those who appreciate a bold berry flavour complemented by a cooling sensation on the inhale, Cherry Ice offers a unique and invigorating vaping experience. The marriage of luscious cherries and the crisp embrace of menthol creates a harmonious balance, satisfying both the sweet-toothed and menthol aficionados alike. ELUX Legends takes pride in their commitment to flavour consistency, formulating their Nic salts with double the concentration to precisely replicate the same delectable taste found in their disposable vapes range. Whether you prefer a mild or intense nicotine hit, ELUX Legends Cherry Ice Nic salt is available in 10mg or 20mg strengths, providing the flexibility to customise your vaping journey to your desired satisfaction level. Immerse yourself in the bold fusion of rich cherry goodness and invigorating menthol freshness with every puff of ELUX Legends Cherry Ice Nic salt.

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