Elux Legend - Blueberry Cherry Cranberry (Nic Salt)


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Nic Salt E-liquid

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ELUX Legends Blueberry Cherry Cranberry Nic salt e-liquid invites Vaper's into a world of vibrant and juicy fruit sensations, artfully blending three distinct flavours to create a delightful and harmonious experience. The infusion of blueberries, cherries, and cranberries results in a sweet and slightly tart taste that caters to the preferences of those who seek a bold and fruity vaping sensation. The mastery behind ELUX Legends Nic salts lies in their commitment to flavour consistency, achieved by crafting their e-liquids with double the concentration to faithfully reproduce the same exquisite taste found in their disposable vapes range. Whether you prefer a lighter touch or a more intense nicotine hit, ELUX Legends Blueberry Cherry Cranberry Nic salt is available in 10mg or 20mg strengths, providing the flexibility to tailor your vaping experience to your desired level of satisfaction. Immerse yourself in the succulent medley of blueberries, cherries, and cranberries, as ELUX Legends continues to redefine the boundaries of flavourful vaping.

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