Chef's Flavours, GNOME BAR - Sour Apple Ice 50/50 Midfill


Chef's Flavours

Midfill E-liquid

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Embark on an exhilarating journey with our Sour Apple Ice vape flavour, inspired by the lively essence of the Elf Bar. Immerse yourself in the enticing blend of tangy green apples, each exhale releasing a refreshing burst of sourness that truly enlivens the palate. Elevating the experience is a cool and invigorating breeze of icy freshness, creating a perfect equilibrium that stimulates the senses. For those in search of a dynamic and revitalising vaping adventure, Sour Apple Ice stands as an exceptional choice, where the fusion of sour apple notes and a brisk ice finish coalesce to deliver an unforgettable taste sensation. Allow Sour Apple Ice to be your gateway to a world of crisp, cool, and delightfully sour indulgence with every puff.

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